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The mask I had been using with my CPAP machine was getting harder and harder to seal at night- more and more often, I'd wake up with air blasting out of the mask into my eyes. The sleep folks ordered me a new mask, and I've been using it since Thursday.

It's the FlexiFit 432 Full Face Mask!

It's bigger than the old one, more comfortable in some ways because it has much more cushioning (although it still hurts my nose at first!) and fits much more snugly. It should- putting the damn thing on is like a gateway to bondage.

The instructions were fairly simple to follow, I suppose. There were also some written instructions, with odd gaps here and there where it was like words had been left out, usually numbers. Following the instructions, I managed to get the mask on. It was then I learned that the instructions didn't say anything about how to get the damn thing off! Turns out there's a small strap that is supposed to disengage the strap latch when it's pulled, only it doesn't work very well. This makes it really difficult to go to the bathroom at night, because unlike the old mask, this mask does not have the quick disconnect attachment for the air hose, so the entire mask has to be removed when I get out of bed.

Considering I get out of bed three or more times per night to go to the bathroom or to let the cat in or out, this is going to be a nuisance.

I really can't do anything about the kitty except try to ignore him. As for my excessive nocturnal urination (of which my doctor is aware and we're trying to treat) the best plan I could come up with was to get a portable urinal to keep by my bed, so I don't have to undo my many straps at night.

I feel really, really old.
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Lander is especially odiferous tonight. Turns out, the sewage ponds are expelling an extrordinary amount of gas because of a combination of the temperature dropping and the drought.

It's pretty gross.

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Andy keeps calling me Bane. I keep telling him to shut up.

Ok, I'm working on a column and it needs the finishing touches on the first draft before I put it away for the night. Tomorrow will be a busy day!
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So, my CPAP starts at a gentle setting of 4 cmH20 (wtf?) and is set to go to 8. And when it wakes me up, I checked, and it was at 8. So, maybe I'm just able to stand it for awhile before I finally wake up enough to be bothered by it. Or, maybe it needs turned down. Or up. Or ... hell, I don't know.

One thing I did notice ... it has an altitude setting! And considering my friend lives in Thurmont, Maryland, which has an elevation of about 518 feet, that's almost 5,000 feet lower than I am.

So, I changed that setting. I'm going to try that first, and see how much of a difference it makes before I start fiddle-fooling around with anything else.


Jul. 10th, 2012 10:14 am
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I need to read the manual more closely and see how I can make adjustments to this machine. I've started pulling it off in my sleep at night, because it starts blowing so hard that it hurts.
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So. Second night with the CPAP machine was interesting. I like the sound it makes, to be honest. It's soothing. And the mask is not uncomfortable. Well, at least it is not at first.

The mask is a ResMed Swift FX Nasal Pillows System. It has two pillowy cones that go against my nostrils, a strap that goes over the top of my head, and one that goes around my head. The air hose hags from the pillowy nasally part. It doesn't really inhibit my sleeping.

However, I imagine I look like this.

I noticed that first night that in the morning, my nose felt a little bruised. This faded quickly, so I didn't really think much more about it. Last night, I woke up at 4 because my nose was hurting so badly. Again, the bruised feeling. The strap over the top of my head had pulled back and the mask was pulled up VERY hard against my nose. I ended up taking the mask off for the rest of the night, and then waking up every 15 minutes after that, very aware of changes in my breathing.

My afternoon nap before coming to work tonight went much the same way, with an added annoying twist. As soon as I turned on the machine, I felt my nasal cavity inflate, like it did previously, except this time, it was a little painful. By the time my searingly painful bruised nose woke me up 2 hours later, I also had a raging sinus headache to go with it.

I can't necessarily say this was the fault of the machine, of course- Old West America is essentially on fire right now, and there's a lot of smoke in the air here.

In the video, the first two plumes of smoke cross over the Wind River mountain range and continue across where I live on the other side.

(I may not have identified the area correctly, but it looks right, and even if that isn't the right area, it is the exact same situation.)

Anyway, it's really smokey here (thanks [livejournal.com profile] asia_sky for the video!) It didn't help that one of the old, historic buildings in town burnt to the ground last night, and the heavy, creosote-laden smoke from that fire is still coating everything. So, while the mask may not have caused the sinus headache, it certainly made it worse.

All this adds up to me wondering if I'm better off without it. I don't want to give up yet though, especially before I've had another O2 levels test during the night, to see if it is helping me. While I'm not feeling any better in the morning yet, that doesn't mean I won't. I also wonder if the mask is too small. The guy who sent it to me is significantly smaller than I am.

The two of us 20 years ago. I haven't gotten any smaller. ETA: I am the guy on the left. In my kneel-before-Zod phase.

And I may need a new MRI done of my neck, as my doctor is also concerned about my sudden need for large amounts of Neurontin. On a bad day, I was taking 2700 mgs. That's too much. I just hate to go in for another MRI, when I just finished paying off the majority of my medical bills. But, I also don't want to let it go on if there's something wrong.

My sinuses still hurt. I'll try the mask again when I go home; but if it still hurts, I'm holding off until I can talk to the doc about a bigger mask. And I welcome any advice from those with experience with such things.

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First night with the CPAP is now done. Not sure if I feel any different or if I slept any better; it's certainly not noisy at all. At one point in the night I remember taking it off, then putting it back on after realizing what I was doing- I think I put the straps on backwards though, because later in the night I woke up with gale-force winds blowing in my eyes from one of the nose-holes. That kitty wanted out anyway, and was clawing my chest to let me know, so once I returned to bed I put it back on properly.

My initial reaction when I turned the machine on for the first time last night was that my head was inflating.


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