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Kyle always kinda looks stoned.

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And then I left on a jet plane and was soon home again.
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Remember the column I wrote, where I mentioned I said good night to all the animals on my wallpaper? This is the wallpaper:

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Ok, if I don't condense this a bit, I'm never going to finish. So, I'll try to do a quick write up of the rest of the days, then post pictures.

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I was so glad to be home.
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Woke up, showered, and headed to the Waffle House for breakfast. And what an amazing breakfast it was - I love me some Waffle House. Then, Doug had a shift at Beyond Comics. The weren't scheduled to open until noon, but when people saw the lights on, they started trying to come in, so Doug just went ahead and opened. When there weren't customers there, we looked up bad educational movies from our childhood. I did a little shopping, too, picking up a Superman/Batman TPB for Andy. We played a card game for a bit when one of Doug's friends came by - Zombie Fluxx. It was a fun game, where the rules changed as different cards were played. I liked it enough that I picked out my own copy to buy - Martian Fluxx. Doug had never played the martian flavor before, so we played a quick hand of it. And then, it was time to say goodbye and hit the road.

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I was tired from my travels, and even though I was still on a schedule that was two hours behind theirs, I turned in for the night.

May 5th

May. 19th, 2012 03:56 am
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Up at 5:30 a.m. At the airport by 6. No time for breakfast. Say goodbye to Andy; he goes back to the hotel to sleep a while longer. On the plane by 8. Smooth flight to Denver. For once, the next gate is just down the terminal a bit, instead of halfway across the airport. Used the free wifi to send a message to Andy, then got on the flight to DC. I choose to fly into Dulles airport, because then I could avoid all the beltway unpleasantness and traffic. The flight was long, but I watched a few videos on my ipod, and managed to snatch a few naps.

Got into Dulles at 3:30. Found the baggage return, and realized I was about ready to pass out from not really eating all day. Found a store selling some over-priced beef jerky and cookies, sat and ate and watched people getting their bags and doing people stuffs. Finally felt human enough to go outside and catch the shuttle bus to the rental cars.

There was a big line. Oh well. Finally got to the counter and sympathize with the poor girl who was supposed to get off in five minutes - there were MANY people behind me. Get my car. Hit the road. An hour later, I was in Frederick.

And to Beyond Comics I went!

My friend Doug works there, and it was also Free Comic Book Day- I've never been able to attend one before, so this was a first for me. The place had a lot of people in attendance, though apparently the big rush had been earlier in the day. Still, I'd never seen a crowd that large at that store before. And it was nice to hear people talk about, and be excited about, comic books.

I also ate at Roy Rogers, which I haven't had in years. And it was good. Although they no longer serve 'holsters' of fries.

I hung out there until Doug got off work, and we went to Waffle house (ETA: No, actually it was a diner. Waffle House was the next morning.) Still full from Roy Rogers, I simply had some pie and ice cream, as well as cup after cup of coffee and glasses of water- apparently, I hadn't been drinking enough during the day. Doug's partner Dave came by, and then we went back to there townhouse for the evening. We talked, I played with their cat and befouled their bathroom with the most embarrassing of odors (damn Olive Garden!), then turned in for the night.
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May 4th, I turned 42. This was also the day I left for my trip back east to see my father. I spent he day trying to answer every FaceBook happy birthday post with a rage face. Some of them fit, most of them didn't, and by the end of the day I was out of faces to use. But it was fun.

Andy and I left immediately after I got off work, and headed to Casper, where we would stay for the night before I got on the plane in the morning. For the past ten years, we'd go see a movie on my birthday (usually) because (usually) some blockbuster was being released that weekend. In 2002, we were in Pensacola, Florida and the movie was Spider-man; a decade later, it was Marvel's The Avengers.

We got to the theatre in time for the 7:50 p.m. showing, only to find out it was sold out. This was not unexpected; sadly, the theatre was not selling tickets online. We took this better than one eight-year old child, who had the most amazing screaming melt down I have ever seen- it included tears, stomping, and jumping up and down. Textbook tantrum. Andy and I debated getting tickets for the 10 p.m. showing, knowing I had to be at the airport at 6 a.m., but figured it would be worth it. In retrospect, if I'd known how long the movie was, I'd probably have waited. But I'm glad we didn't, because the film was fantastic. I think it's the best superhero movie made to date, and one of the few movies ever that I want to go see again in the theatre. I could not find one thing wrong with it.

To kill time before the show, we went and had my birthday dinner at Olive Garden. I've never eaten at one, and while the dinner was so-so, the breadsticks and soup were great, and combined with the strawberry-lemonade-vodka drink I had, Andy and I would gladly go back for soup and sticks alone.

After the movie, we went back to the hotel to grab a few hours sleep before heading to the airport at 6. It was going to be a short night, and a long trip.


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