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Remember those lyrics I couldn't determine the origin of a few days ago?

Turns out I was making up my own words to The Bolshoi's "Away."

Go figure.

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Sadly, I couldn't find the original video.

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I found the damn elusive song! This site will search for phrases used in a song, and I managed to find it there. I will now listen to it for the second time in my life, after years of searching, and feverishly hope that I don't actually hate the song.

It's "Excuse me" by Amy Arena.

Excuse Me lyrics

Excuse me
If I don't get up
Excuse me
If I'm an unwed mother
Excuse me
If I don't have a job
Excuse me
If I'm a gap-toothed woman
Excuse me
If I don't stink of Chanel No. 5
And I don't drink champagne and I loathe caviar
Excuse me
If I get bored easily when men start talking about their jobs
And their money
And their ex-wives and ex-girlfriends
And their trouble with their mothers and their bosses
And their alimony payments and their goddamned visitation rights
Excuse me
If I don't have a boyfriend and I don't want a boyfriend
And I don't get wet when foolish men touch me
And invite me into the back seat of their expensive cars
Excuse me
If I'm not an ordinary girl or an average girl or like the girl you imagine next door
And I like the color black and naugahyde that is black and whips and chains and use coffee filters for toilet paper when I run out of toilet paper
And White-Out for nail polish because I like it
Excuse me!
Excuse me?
Excuse me
If I don't eat meat
And I'm against cruelty to animals
And I'm anti-vivisection
And I eat ice cream with nuts from the rainforest
Because I support the rainforest
Excuse me
If I scare you by the way I dress
And by my direct language that's never used in the universities or your senile boardrooms
Because I'm a product of the '90s
I'm a woman of the '90s
I'm my own person and I'm not a victim
And I've risen above the garbage heap I was born in
And I look down on you who've never seen a trashcan in your life
And I don't need your approval or applause
Just excuse me
Excuse me!


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