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This week has been eventful. I am lacking in sleep. Let the fun begin.

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After my father called, I couldn't go back to sleep. I tried for an hour, then gave up and got up. Played a little Terraria and went out for taco pizza at Pizza Hut (I wake up with the weirdest cravings some times) and now ... here we are.

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Just a quick one.

It's been a busy week; lots of extra work at the hotel and or other businesses I support. Made an extra $300 that is sorely needed, and my hotel paycheck should be a little fatter as well at the end of the month.

Dad was released from the hospital Wednesday, but I haven't spoken to him since he got home. I'll be calling him tomorrow.

That lovely lilac soap I talked about last week- it smells very nice, but to make it they apparently just ground up the entire lilac bush and mixed it into the soap. When I unwrapped it, I noticed lots of bumpy bits in it; I figured they were extra-soapy beads or something. But no. As it turns out, they are purple seeds in the soap (I have no idea where they come from!) and the bumps are completely indissolvable; I truly think they may be bits of stick. Showering with it Monday, the soap left a deep scratch six inches long on my leg. So, now it's at the sink and is just used for hand washing, and I don't scrub very hard in case there are more surprises lurking within. (This is what would happen if Stephen King made soaps.)

To my surprise, I slept very well today. After work on Friday, I got home and was in bed by about 2:30 pm. The office called me at 3:30 pm (You're computer is flashing like a strobe light! Erm, shut it off then?) and woke me up just as I had hit an extremely deep sleep and dream state which I drug myself out of when I heard the phone, and then could not return to. I sort of managed to doze for another 30 minutes, then Ike pooped, and that's a smell that can wake the dead. After that, I never did get back to sleep, so at 6 pm I just gave up and got up.

I expected to be extremely tired during my night shift, but actually, it wasn't too bad. I got home around 7 am, and went straight to bed. I woke up at 9:30 ravenously hungry, so I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my zombie like state and went back to sleep, and slept until 4 pm! That's unheard of, and felt fantastic.

I've been working hard this weekend on Universe in the Red; I really want to finish it soon. I set up my laptop on the coffee table so I could work on it there, and did so while I watched Doctor Who- The Awakening.

I'm not impressed at all with 2-Entertains disks, to be honest. They're obviously not configured for widescreen (which I can live with) but the quality is poor for a standard DVD. Even after upsampling. The extras, however, are where these discs really shine. The one that really stood out for me was a deleted scene, showing Tegan and Chameleon together! I'm guessing it got cut due to time restrictions, but I wish it hadn't been, as it kept poor Chameleon from being forgotten about until he suddenly returns in Planet of Fire.

I got three more chapters laid out and a few others redone while watching. I realized last weekend that I'd organized it all completely wrong (it's an anthology) and now I'm trying to make it flow properly.

So, back to work. I'm going to work on it tonight, and then tomorrow I'll set up shop in the living room again and work on it some more. I think next I'll watch the Doctor Who TV movie.

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Seriously, is it Saturday night already? The weeks are just a blur any more.

Dad's still doing well, which is good. When I talked to him last, he was a few days past his first monthly chemo treatment, and hadn't experienced any side effects. Hopefully, that's how it remains.

Still no new equipment at work. The lending company, for whatever reason, did not want to give us the money directly, but wanted to pay PCMall. But only after the equipment had shipped. PCMall said, "Uh-uh. You don't have an account with us. We want you to at least sign this form saying you will pay for the equipment, and then we will ship it." The lending company said, "Hey, it's cool bro- just ship the shit and we'll deal with it. You don't need us to sign anything." PCMall, "Um, no." Lending company, "Whatever, we're out of here, losers."

Wednesday, our paperwork was sent to a NEW lending company, that will hopefully get it all worked out for us. I just want a machine that isn't seven years old.

Saturday sleepy time is usually hit-or-miss for me, with an emphasis on miss. Sometimes, I don't get to sleep until 8 am, and wake up at noon. Trying to nap before work in the evening doesn't work out well. So, I got some Advil PM to take as an experiment.

While they didn't help me fall asleep, they DID help keep me asleep. I slept from 7 until 3, and it felt wonderful. Took me a little while to shake them off after I got up, and I'm not sure yet if I'll take any when I go home after work, but at least now I know what they do. Maybe next time, I'll try just one pill.

Thursday (I think it was Thursday) Ike was outside doing his thing. I heard him scratch the door to come in, but when I opened it, he was on the ground under the porch. The nearest guess I can make is that he scratched, lost his balance, and slipped backward under the rail and to the ground. He wasn't hurt, just a little shaken and dazed, and he got up and made his way into the house. He's apparently far more resilient than he looks. He definitely enjoyed his visit today from [livejournal.com profile] asia_sky. she stopped by to visit and pick up her laptop that I finally finished fixing. It was nice to see her, even though I was still a little woozy from the sleeping pills. She also got me some bars of buffalo soap as payment for fixing the laptop. Now, I have to decide which to try first- Lilacs & Linen, Ancient Violets or Sweet Violets. Just smelling them made me swoon.

Yes, I'm an old woman inside. Deal with it.

(Crap. I was going to type something here, but went back a few entries to see if I had discussed it before, and now I have no idea what the hell it was. Oh well.)

I'm currently reading one of the Agog! fiction compilations I have. Some really good work in the book, although I find the editor's choice of stories to open with odd, because the first two are easily the weakest so far. One of them is practically nonsensical. (Two people act odd for vaguely explained reasons. Another person dies, because of something vaguely related to the vaguely explained reasons. And the sand is red. The end.) I was going to start reading "Bernice Summerfield and the Dead Man Diaries" but holy crap is that typeface small! Soon as I work out a way to actually read it, I'll read it. The glasses I have are transition bifocals, which I have never ever really gotten used to- to me, they make everything sort of in focus, but no better. Reading anything below 12 pt type is out of the question with them; I think the Benny book is in 8 pt, if not 7. I'll be better off reading it without using my glasses and just holding it up to my nose.

Jinx got in a cat fight and was bit on the face across the bridge of his nose. Luckily, we spotted it right away and got him started on antibiotics. It's a little pusy, but not too bad. Considering how close the bite was to his eye, I didn't want to take any chances.

The foreign materials for "Universe in the Red" that I was looking forward to getting never came about, so I'm going to have to proceed without them. Annoyingly, enough time has passed that it's hard to turn my attention back to that project, but I really want to get it finished ... some day. Soon as I'm done this update, I'll open it up and work on it, promise.

Last weekend, I shaved my head. Partly because I was tired of having hair, and didn't want to have any for awhile. And partly because, throughout my  life when I felt powerless to change overwhelming life circumstances, I'd change my hair somehow and feel better because of the change. In my younger days, that could be bleaching it, cutting stripes in it, or using a spray called "Hard Hair*" to pull it up into a six-inch high wedge. And sometimes, I'd do all of these at once.

But past the age of 40, there's not as many options. Shaving my head, however, is one that remains. Unfortunately, using a razor to shave clean to the skin is time consuming and painstaking, and required help from Andy to do the hotdog folds in back, so I only did it the one time. I like the way it looks though, so if I ever find a depilatory that doesn't burn my scalp**, I may do it more often.

And that's the week that was. Until next time.

*Sadly, if this product is still made, I can find no trace of it. It came in a white pump bottle, and the label was a simple, bee-hive shaped head outline. It had some SERIOUS hold. I had to stand in the shower running water on my head for 10 minutes just to loosen it. A balloon once popped on my spikes. One of my friends said it should have been named 'Bullet Proof Head' but probably wasn't due to potential lawsuits.

**The first time I tried to get a clean shaven scalp was in college. I tried NAIR first and ended up with pretty bad chemical burns on my head, as well as patchy hair left behind (When the bottle says to test it on a small patch of skin first, they mean it!). I figured I'd use a razor then to remove what hair was left ... the first swipe removed a significant chunk of chemically burnt skin. For two weeks I wore a bandana on my scalp, because I looked like I'd been in a nuclear accident.

ETA: Surrealism

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It's funny how quickly a week goes by. It's also funny how, over the past 8 years, the beats of my weeks have gotten so totally screwed.

I started working at the hotel in February 2004. I started in housekeeping before moving to front desk in May. But I never had a standard 8-5 Monday-through-Friday schedule; I worked when I was needed when in housekeeping, and when I moved to front desk, it was usually Monday morning shift, Tuesday Wednesday evening shift, Thursday off, Friday Saturday overnight shift, Sunday off, Monday starts again. No real weekend there.

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See you next week.
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We started moving furniture at work this week, because we wanted to. I shifted my desk 1' forward. Woo-hoo! Considering my back was to a wall, it gives me a surprisingly large amount of new space. And a disturbing, worn circle in the carpet where my desk chair has been for the past six years. It never moved; I'd sit down and turn the chair to swivel under my desk, and turn 1/4 turn back again when I was ready to stand up.

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And I'm still playing Skyrim. It's fun.

Still nothing more from John Gilmore to put into his book- I'll be doing this one at the last minute, I know it.


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