Feb. 16th, 2014 01:11 pm
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Wow. I've been really quiet for a long time.

Life is going okay- job is fine, for the most part. I still am having difficulties fitting into the corporate structure, but that is slowly improving.

Health has been okay - I'm off Cymbalta, as after increasing it to 90mgs daily for a month it still was not doing much of anything. I'm now on 20mgs of a new drug called Vibryd, the results of which have been sporadic at best. But then, it's only been two weeks.

The biggest news - Andy and I have been pre-approved for a mortgage, and we're hunting for a house.
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Not much to write about. The new job, now almost a month in, is going well. I am slowly adjusting to the physical nature of the job - as in, it's getting easier and I don't feel as much pain by the end of the day. The Z-Coil shoes definitely help, On a whim one day, I also wore a pair of support stockings I have, and the difference was amazing! I'm going to be wearing them almost everyday from now on. Luckily, fall is here and I won't be wearing shorts as often any more, because they definitely look silly with shorts, considering they go up to my knees.

Two weeks ago, I think, I got a new cellphone, a Samsung Galaxy S4. To be honest, I hated it from the start. After messing around with it for a week and resetting it numerous times to factory settings, I've gotten it to where I can use it. I don't love it, but it's useable.

Next weekend is a 21st anniversary of Poetry and Beer here in Albuquerque. I'm looking forward to going and seeing a lot of the poetry crowd.

My cymbalta was increased to 60mgs per day.


Sep. 9th, 2013 06:00 pm
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Last week was a busy one for me.

Monday was a holiday, so my first day at the new job was Tuesday. I met the crew, and was given a brief demonstration and orientation of what we would be doing. Basically, my job entails unboxing hardware for computer installations at the hospital, assembling what needs to be assembled, boxing it up for transport, and then occasionally going to the destination site and installing the hardware. The hardware consists of a large pneumatic arm assembly that mounts to a vertical rail on the wall. The arm holds the monitor and the keyboard. The computer itself is a small thin client terminal that is mounted at the top of the rail. Then I run all the cables and make them look pretty and I'm done. It all sounds simple enough, and it is , but ...

Tuesday, Wednesday, and most of Thursday I spent nearly eight hours standing on my feet, in one place, on concrete. By the end of the day, I could hardly walk. Thursday it was so bad I didn't think I'd be able to continue the job. By the time I would get home at the end of the day, I could barely walk. And in the morning, as soon as my feet hit the floor the pain started coming back.

As luck would have it, I remembered seeing people wearing funny looking shoes with big coils at the heel. I looked them up online; they're called Z-Coils, and a shop was located not far from my work place. Not only did they have what I was looking for in my size, which is unusual, the pair was on sale for %50 off, which is even more unheard of!

I wandered around the store for awhile wearing them, and my feet immediately started feeling a little better. The saleslady made some adjustments to my shoes, and away I went.

I wore them at work all day Friday, and to be honest, I think these shoes have saved me my job. Without them, I don't know if I would have been able to return to work on Monday. But when I wear them, even though my feet still ache at the end of the day, it's not crippling pain like it had been.

Which is good, because I'm really enjoying my job so far. I like what I'm doing, even though it sounds boring. I'm not stuck behind a desk any more. I like my coworkers (even kinda the guy who today suddenly told me that he "refuses to obey any law that contradicts the bible". I felt it prudent not to point out that the shirt he was wearing was a cotton polyester blend.)

I was worried that I was working too slowly. Everyone on the team is younger than me, and for the first part of the week they wear working rings around me. But without being hobbled by pain, I'm working faster than many of them now myself.

So, yay me!

(On an annoying note, I swung by my previous employer to ask for my final paycheck. He said he;d call me when he had it ready, because 'he's broke'. Lovely.)

Pictures of the build:

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I have to write a column today but I'm having a major low point and while I have the subject, the words just won't come together so I'm going to do a weekly update in hopes of getting a flow going.

I went to be last night at 6:30 pm. I woke up at 9:30 and stared at the ceiling for two hours debating whether I should get a drink of water because I was thirsty and my mouth was so dry. The water was at my desk, right beside he bed, but it took me two hours to decide that yes, I needed a drink of water. I managed to make the decision on whether I should also visit the bathroom or not before I got back into bed, because who knows how long I would have laid there otherwise.

On Monday I was called in to interview for a pre-press position at a small print shop. The position was offered to me at the end of the interview. Low pay, and part-time work ($10 an hour at maybe 30 hours a week) I took it anyway because I was tired of passing up work and waiting for something better to come along, and I'd rather be doing something than nothing and have some sort of income than none.

I started Tuesday. The job is simple, and much like work I was doing 15 years ago. When I got home at the end of the day, there was an email waiting for me from Kemtah, asking me to interview for the position I had been waiting for all along.

Of course.

They wanted me to interview Wednesday. I wrote back saying I could not, but I could Thursday morning. Wednesday I went into the new job, worked the day with no problems, and got home to a new email from Kemtah saying that Thursday morning was fine.

I'd been trying to make the best of the print shop work, but to be honest, I was bored out of my mind. They definitely got their money's worth out of me; so far in addition to doing all the work I needed to do, I'd also repaired the connections to the network printer that was preventing the production machine from printing (their solution had been to email everything that needed printing to the computer the printer was attached to!) I also cleaned up a bunch of improper file associations, removed a seriously high amount of malware, and repaired one computer that wasn't working at all.

Thursday morning's interview went very well, and by Thursday after noon I had a preliminary offer, enouugh of one that I decided to go in early on Friday to tell the print boss that my last day would be September 2.

The Kemtah job is full time, with benefits, and pays $15 an hour. Not as much as I was hoping for, but sufficient.

Friday morning I went in early to the prtint shop and explained to the boss what was going on. He took it well, and asked how much I would be making there. At that point, I didn't know yet, so I said $18 an hour ... and he asked me if I would stay if he matched it!

That caught me off guard.

I told him I appreciated the offer, but that I would also be getting benefits and full time hours. He asked if I was going to work that day, and I said yes, and I'd work until the 3rd if he wanted me to.

In other news, Andy has been playing a game called Saints Row 4 that he's been raving over, about how much fun it is, and that it has cooperative play, which is somehting he and I enjoy a lot. So Friday night I spent the $70 and bought the game. Saturday morning I started playing a little and .... it wasn't fun. I fought with for an hour or so before giving up.

A little later Andy asked me what I thought of it and I told him it wasn't fun. He started a co-op game for us to play, and that turned out to be even less fun, because only one person could do anything at a time during a lot of the game! The more I played it, the more I hated it, until finally, at 6 pm, I gave up.

And that's when I shut down my computer because I didn't want to be awake any more, and I went to bed.

ETA: First draft of column is written. I don't like it very much. I swore I was going to clean my car this weekend, so I guess I should go and do that now.
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It's been an interesting week so far, almost a total opposite of last week.

My mood slowly improved over the weekend. Friday night was a dark, scary time for me, and I wasn't ready to face something like that again any time soon.

On Monday, one of the psychiatric doctors I contact left me a message to call them. I did so, and made an appointment to see them on Thursday.

On Tuesday, the other psychiatric doctor called me to make an appointment, just as I was arriving for my doctor appointment. I called them back later, and they wanted to schedule an appointment on the following Wednesday at 2 pm. I went ahead and made the appointment, which is good, because the first psychiatric doctor's office called me back and said they needed to reschedule, but they wanted to reschedule for Monday at 2 pm.

It's getting a little difficult to make sense of, to be honst, and I'll need to review my notes to make sure I go to the right place on Monday. And then I'll cancel the appointment at the other psychiatrist.

At the medical doctors office, he reviewed my blood work. I'm negative for STDs, my testosterone is normal, and for the most part everything is normal. Except my liver enzymes which are twice what they should be (no surprise. The SuperLiver doesn't take time off.) and my hemoglobin and red blood cell count are very high. They sent me for more bloodwork to double check the first results, and also ordered a cortisol check, apparently because of my exomorphic body structure. Or something.

My blood pressure and heart rate is also high, so they want me to check my blood pressure daily, reduce my sodium intake to 2 grams per day or less, and exercise. Joy. Today, my BP was 188 over 116, and my pulse was 120 bpm. Cause there's a freakin' disco in there, baby!

(I spent 20 minutes on the treadmill walking at 3 mph and burnt 100 calories. I thought I was going to die.)

I also fille dout a form to get my records from the sleep center I dealt with in Wyoming, so my new doctor can review them and possibly schedule a new sleep study, just to see how well the BiPAP is working. Like I told him, I think it's working, but then, I'm asleep, so who knows?

Went to get my bloodwork done, only to be told that cortisol had to be checked between 7 and 9 in the morning, and I'd need to come back the next day at 8 am when they opened! No big deal, really. It's not like I had anything better to do.

That afternoon, I received a call from a staffing agency in Illinois, of all places, that wanted to interview me for a contractual position with HP doing computer repairs onsite in the city. I scheduled a skype interview with them at 4 pm on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning, I went and got my blood drawn, stopped for some breakfast at my favorite burrito place, and got home around 9 am. At 11 am, a local computer shop called me to schedule an interview, and had me come in at 1pm. I grabbed a quick shower, got dressed in my secondary interview clothes because the primary set was dirty (I still need to do laundry. Add it to the list!) and went to the interview.

And the interview went really well. I felt like he wanted to hire me right then and there, which is exciting. He said he had a few more interviews to do, and would call me the next day.

My skype interview at 4 went very well, as well. One of the company's HR reps also called me to go over some information, and to answer any questions I had. The job would pay $14 an hour, and while it was an open contract, when it did finally end HP has the option of hiring me directly ... for between $38k and $44k per year. I would be traveling around the city, doing repair work, being paid for my time on site and drive time, reimbursed for over 300 miles weekly, and with benefits. I'd also be learning more in areas I'm not as strong as like to be (printers, for instance).

This morning (Thursday) all metaphorical hell kinda broke lose. I got an email from Insight Global (the company in Illinois) saying that HP wanted to do a phone interview with me on Friday that was to be expected to last at least an hour, and that it looked very promising for me to get this job.

And then, I got an email from Kemtah, the company Andy works for, wanting to set up an interview for a desktop support position, which is what I wanted with them all along. Andy makes $16 an hour with immediate benefits.
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Guess I'll get back on the treadmill now, before I take a shower. Stupid treadmill. Stupid bloodpressure.
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So, I've been in New Mexico for a week. I've learned that I don't handle free time very well, lol. But as for the move itself ...

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But this is where I am now. I jumped into my future with both feet. Time to make the most of it!
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Everybody has different phases in their lives. Childhood, adulthood, etc. Some people refer to these as 'chapters'; I like to call mine 'incarnations.'

My first incarnation was when I was born and lived in Pennsylvania. It ended in April 1976, when the family moved to Maryland.

My second incarnation was my time spent on the family farm until I left for college in the fall of 1988.

My third, and shortest, incarnation was when I graduated from college and ended up in Elkton, Maryland. That lasted until December 1996, when I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

My fourth incarnation in Albuquerque lasted until January 2003, when I moved to Wyoming.

Now, after just over 10 years, and echoing the end of my first incarnation, the fifth is about to end as well as I prepare to move back to New Mexico and start my sixth incarnation. I have no idea how long that one will last!

Technically, my last day at the newspaper was today, but because they finally found someone to hire to replace me on Wednesday, I volunteered to come in and work on Tuesday to get one last paper out before I move on. My replacement lacks in knowledge but makes up for it with enthusiasm. Still, training her for only two days (I spent Thursday at the hotel again) just isn't going to completely cut it, so Tuesday will be one final day of training. Monday will be my going-away party at the paper. I'm making a frozen chocolate pie and a jello mold, of course.

I'm currently in the middle of the first of my final two days at the hotel. I'll return Monday to make an adjustment to the sales tax rate, then again Friday to help switch over to a new ISP, and then I will be done. Forever.

I think this is all actually going to happen!

Wednesday night, I spent a few hours in Lander's cemetery taking some night time photos. I won't know how they turn out until I get the film developed. I'm going back there after this shift in hopes of getting some nice shots of the moon over Lander at night.

Monday, packing begins in earnest. I estimate that we're about 50% packed right now, but that's just the easiest stuff. Now comes breaking down the actual household and packing furniture and electronics.

On the 10th of April, Andy's brother and sister-in-law will arrive from Albuquerque to help. We'll start loading up the truck and we'll hit the road on the 12th.

And the latest incarnation will begin.
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Busy week for me, but it feels like I've made little progress.

Andy and I intended on taking our A+ certifications before we left. Unfortunately, all the spots at the testing center have been taken already, so it's going to have to wait until we are settled in in Albuquerque.

Tomorrow, I finally get to tell my last client I'm moving. Ironically, this will happen right before she goes on vacation ... in Albuquerque.

Packing continues, but I'm not really going to lean into it until April. I do it when I have spare time, but I'm also disassembling my life, while I'm living it. That's a little difficult. April first is going to be spent just enjoying my freedom, although at noon I'll be attending my going away party at the newspaper.


I banged out a column tonight that will go in the paper Wednesday. I also reached an agreement with the paper so that my column will continue to appear as long as I (or they) want. And I'll get paid! $25 per column and a free newspaper subscription.

I'm okay with that. The publisher offered the $25, and I upped it to include the subscription. Sure, I would have liked more, but how do I even determine what it's worth?

Anyway, the column is called "Moving on..." Gee, I wonder what it could possibly be about.

I'm trying desperately to get my websites updated and working. I switched from a Windows package to a Linux package, so I could use Wordpress files .... and I'm totally lost. I'm following a tutorial that doesn't really match exactly what I'm trying to do, and it's all over my head, to be honest. Hopefully I can muddle though it and get it all working before I send out any resumes.

I've been having sleep issues lately; my doctor prescribed an obsolete antidepressant that causes MASSIVE drowsiness, as well as dry mouth, that I take before bed. Puts me right to sleep and stops me from drooling to boot!

And, that's about all. Howdy folks.
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So then.

Packing slowly continues.

I just wrote postcards to my nephews, grandma, and friends.

Sent off a donation to Amnesty International.

I entered a contest at Alphaville Now! to win an unreleased Alphaville song. The contest is to creatively represent an Alphaville song.

I choose this song, my favorite:
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I also have a new column forming in my head, about moving away. I just wish I could type longer than 30 seconds without my hands dying on me. They're normal, but the nerve signals to and fro are not.
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Not much going on this weekend.

I wrote a column about dating that went in the paper on February 13th; I figured it was appropriate for Valentine's Day. Both the publisher and the editor separately asked me if I was sure I wanted it to run, since I was essentially 'outing' myself by using gender-specifics in my date descriptions. I shrugged and told them I didn't care; I'm not exactly in the closet anyway,

However, I've never officially came out to my family. (I send three family members a clipping of my column each month.) My parents knew since 1996. I just ... never figured I needed to tell anyone else. I mean, how can they POSSIBLY not know?

I figure the one thing I will need to clarify with them, however, is that Andy is NOT my lover. This is a common assumption that some people have made ... although it's less common than people assuming we're brothers (and some people have believed we were the same person until they saw us together!)

So, I'm not sure what the family members' reactions will be. Probably nothing, just like the number of reactions we've received so far at the paper.

Got a bill from the dentist for my root canal and crown on one tooth ... after insurance, I only owe them $1,000. *sigh*

On top of that, I received a letter from my health insurance telling me that they have determined that  my original sleep test was not medically necessary, so not only are they not going to pay for it, they're not going to pay for any of the treatments or equipment for my sleep apnea. This is, of course, the sleep test that my insurance company pre-approved.


Luckily, the company treating me is fighting the insurance company, because this is just blatantly stupid.

Other than that, it has been a  quiet week. I've almost finished reading the study guide for the A+ certification tests, only four chapters to go! Then I'm going to do some practice tests to identify the areas I'm having trouble with, then review those areas, then Andy and I will begin doing daily quizzes of each other until we feel we're ready, then we'll take the test. A score of 80% passes the test, I believe - but I want 100%.
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Not sure if I'll be able to do a weekly update this weekend or not. I'm taking the weekend off to travel four hours to Laramie, WY to visit a cousin of my mother. She's been good to me during my parents' deaths (giving me $1,500 total to help offset travel expenses!) and I need to go see her.

I'm going alone. Normally, I travel with Andy, but not only does he not want to go, but if he did, I would not want him to.

Because ... because something's wrong. With me. Badly. And I don't know what it is yet, or how deep it goes. I've only just identified the troubling symptoms. I'm hoping by being away by myself in a new environment, I'll be able to achieve the insight i need to determine what's going on.

Wish me luck.
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First off, Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] slomosexual!

It's bitterly cold here, and has been all week. It's 0 degrees F outside right now; we had about 8 inches of snow yesterday, and the hot water in our house froze yesterday.


Through various investigative techniques, I think I finally determined that the water line coming from the tank that then goes into the house froze up, because it's hot at the tank and gets really cold before it enters the house (our water heater is accessible from the outside of the house.) I insulated the tank earlier this week, and I think I must have blocked some of the airflow that comes from inside the house (warm air from under the bathroom cabinets) which allowed that pipe to freeze. I put a heat tape on it and hopefully that thaws it out. If not, I'm going to put some pipe insulation over the tape and hope THAT heats it up enough to thaw, and stay thawed.

But if that doesn't work, we'll probably have to remove the water heater to get to the pipes behind it to thaw them by hand. Which will suck, verily.

Um, otherwise ... I want to study for my A+ certifications tonight, but I can't, because I have a computer to repair and another one to build. Figures.

Received a letter to the editor in support of my writing, which was nice. You can read it here.

Or here:

If you don’t like it, don’t read it

This is in response to a letter published in the December 26th edition and submitted by Catheron and Bill Oviatt concerning Tim Kepple’s editorial pieces. I was amused, confused and offended by the content of your letter, Mr. and Mrs. Oviatt, and I would like to take the opportunity to tell you why.

You said that you were not disputing the fact that Mr. Kepple has the right to pen anything he wishes but seemed outraged that the LJ would publish it. In one fell swoop, you supported his right to free speech under the First Amendment and then blasted the editorial staff for their right of freedom of the press guaranteed under the same umbrella. This is also the amendment that affords you the opportunity to voice your opinion and covers me in my rebuttal. Think about that.

You also referred to his pieces in a plural sense, which I took to mean that you have read more than one of them. I have to wonder why you continued if you found them so offensive! And the fact that you know what is in the “Adults Only” literature section...?

Yes, you have the right to express your opinion and you even have the right to cancel your subscription if you wish...although that seems a little like throwing the baby out with the bath water to me. What you do NOT have the right to do is attempt to strong arm the editorial staff at the LJ into printing only what you feel is appropriate, nor do you have the right to dictate what I or any other reader of this paper sees in the content.

I find Mr. Kepple’s work very refreshing, funny at times and poignant at others. I’m sure that will give you cause to address my sense of humor now too, but at least I can say that I have a sense of humor. Not so sure about you.

The bottom line here, folks, is simple: If you don’t like it, don’t read it!  Whether you cancel your subscription or merely slide past any future pieces by Mr. Kepple and move onto something you are interested in reading is up to you. But leave my freedom to read what I want to alone!!!!


The original writers submitted a terse response after this letter was published that I will share next weekend.

So, I guess that's it, really.
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A quiet week for the most part. The best part about major holidays for me is that they mean a day off from work. Monday, we closed the office early, and I had Tuesday off for the new year. Because fireworks had been banned on July 4th, they were allowed New Year's Eve. Thankfully, it was so cold that there weren't many.

The rest of the week was fairly uneventful. My nephew Kyle celebrated his third birthday January 3rd. Cole, his older brother, was hoping I'd be there, but didn't think I was fast enough to get there in time, but maybe I could be there for his birthday in March. I told him I wasn't sure if I could, but I'd try to be there in the summer.

I'm not sure I can even pull that off.

My brother managed to sell my father's truck for me. It turned out that there was significant rust damage to the underside of it, as my father had only been driving it in the winter, then letting it sit. The road salt damaged it badly. My brother took it to a town in West Virginia and used it as a trade in on a different vehicle for himself, paying cash for the difference. He's now going to get the new vehicle financed so he can send me the $8,200 he got as a trade-in value for the truck.

That money will cover my moving expenses and three months of living expenses. So, I'll have three months to find work once I move. We've tentatively planned to move at the end of February, but I don't want to plan anything until I have the money in hand, and my brother said that could take until the end of the month.

I'm in no hurry. Moving terrifies me, to be honest. But staying where I am scares me even more. I need to live again. If I don't get out now, another ten years will pass before I realize whats happening. Another ten years of accomplishing little. I need to accomplish big, or at least attempt to do so.

I'm frustrated with my sleep mask and machine. I've been taking the mask off in my sleep, and then wake up later and wonder where it is. I'm not just ripping it off, either- I'm setting it neatly on top of the machine and turning the machine off.

I gave it a good cleaning this week, too- did a vinegar solution cleaning of the machine itself, and took the mask apart and washed it thoroughly, as well as the air hose.

And now, it smells. Not like vinegar, but there's an ammonia smell, like stale urine. I don't know where it's coming from, but I'm hoping to find out this weekend. I'm hoping there's not mold or something growing inside, forcing its fungal spores into my lungs while I sleep.

It's been bitterly cold here for weeks (5 degrees F outside now, and dropping). I inherited one of my father's coats, and shipped it back but never opened the box. On a whim, I unboxed it a week ago, figuring I had no reason not to. The coat is amazing; it's the warmest coat I've ever worn, and keeps me warm without making me hot. It has a lot of pockets and hooks and such, which I'm not sure what they're all for.

The only issues I have with the coat are that it is hard to zip up, because of the way it seals, and the hood is so large that I can't wear it when I'm driving, because it blocks my vision. Warm though.

I did some work on the house on New Year's day. The hallway ceiling has had an ugly hole in it since 2006, when we removed the original evaporative cooler but left the vent behind. The ceiling tiles were ugly with water stains as well, so I painted a section of the ceiling around the hole. I've wanted to do this for years, but I was never sure what I could use to cover the hole with. I thought about table tops or something like that, or a finished piece of wood, because I really didn't want to just slap some plywood up there and paint over it. It occurred to me that that the perfect thing to use would be shelf boards, since they're already finished in white! I got two of them from the hardware store and covered the hole with them. It's not perfect, but it looks better, and I filled the hole with insulation so hopefully it will be warmer back there as well.

We also have trouble with the cold water pipes to the sink in the bathroom freezing up in the winter, so I insulated them as well as the hole they come out off. I also got a part I need to replace a joint in the hotwater pipe that has been leaking, but that's a project for tomorrow. Unfortunately, my efforts were for naught, as the pipes STILL freeze. So tomorrow I'm taking off the outside door to the water heater cubby (which is where the pipes feed out from, oddly) and I'm going to try to insulate it well enough that old air isn't coming through to the bathroom. Hopefully, that will do the trick.

I also have a computer installation to do this weekend, and a computer to build at the hotel. I also determined that the second video card in my brand new uber-laptop is bad. I took the card out and shipped it back for replacement. The replacement probably won't get here until next week at the earliest, so the laptop is just sitting to the side for right now. I also went ahead and bought a SSD for it during a holiday sale, as well as a new mouse. It might even take longer, since the returned part isn't scheduled to be delivered until January 8th.

The laptop is so large and heavy that it's difficult to get it into the carry bag they provided when I bought it; I have my eye on a laptop backpack on amazon.com that looks nice, but is pretty pricey.

For the first week in 2013, life is going smoothly.

For now.
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Short update- The holiday came and went, it was a short week at work, and I enjoyed my day off. I have to get a column out this weekend, and I kind of know what I want to write about, and I'll have to do some research in Lj for some of my ideas- tidbits I've posted in the past. Not for the first time am I seeing the value of having a journal, even if I rarely update it.

Uh oh. The tree is leaning over! I bet the cat was playing in it.
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  • Oh, and my brand-spanking new laptop? The secondary video card is bad, and has to be replaced. It was shipped back today; as soon as the get it, they'll send me a new one.

    The package won't get there until January 8th. *sigh*
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Again, a slow week. Ordered a new laptop to replace the one that was damaged in my recent trip- sad to see it go, but excited for the new one. It's a monster. The shipping weight is 23 pounds! It will get here tuesday.

Also on tuesday is our company holiday party at the newspaper office. I bought a gray ascot to wear with my black crushed-velvet shirt. I also bought a turquoise satin one that I think will look nicer, but it may not get here in time for the party. The gray one arrived today. I even bought a nice stick pin to go with them.

I'm very excited to try them out!

I'll post pictures.

Last weekend, it struck me that there's no one left in the family to talk to that will have talked to everyone else. My mom used to be the distributor of family information, then it was my dad, and now ... well, at one time I told my sister-in-law it would have to be her, but it just doesn't seem right putting that burden on her shoulders yet. So, I hesitantly called my brother. And we talked for half an hour. It was nice, although a little strange. It's going to take me a while to learnt to relate to him as an adult.

I reached my insurance deductible, so I called up my home oxygen people and told them I wanted to purchase my CPAP machine, since now insurance will cover most of it. They said no, it was too late in the year, and the insurance company wouldn't process it.


Considering the machine costs $1,500, and considering i may lose my insurance early next year, this answer was not sufficiently adequate. So I called my insurance company, and they said as long as it is billed out in December, it does not matter when they process it, because they base their claims on the billing date. So I called back the home oxygen people, told them this, and they AGAIN tried to tell me it wouldn't work- I gave them the name and extension of the person I had talked to, told them that she had said to call her if there were any problems, and said I wanted to buy the machine. Period. The only problem that may arrise is if the rental fee was already billed for this month. But I have not yet received a bill, and the bills I have received were dated late in the month, so I should be safe.

Thursday, while doing an OS reinstallation on my work computer, I shut out the office and listened to Peri and the Piscon Paradox. I'd heard good things about it, and it was recently on sale at Big Finish for $5. I bought it but hadn't listened to it yet.

And it was really, really good! Nicola Bryant knocks it out of the park with this one. I sent her a tweet to let her know what I thought:

Piscon Paradox just as good as everyone says, and you did an AWESOME job! Still hope to hear one reuniting you with Yrcanos

I was surprised when she responded!

Nicola Bryant ‏@thenicolabryant

@outsdr01 thank you. It was so exciting to record. :)

She's a class act.

I'll admit- I was inspired to listen to it after watching Flash Gordon the night before and being swept up in the beauty and awe of BRIAN BLESSED, which made me think of Peri, etc. It was my first time watching Flash Gordon start to finish since I saw it in the theatre in 1980 at the age of 10.

It's still a great movie, and I love it just as much now as I did then.

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After last week's marathon entry, I'm glad that nothing really happened this week, and there's not a lot to tell. Mainly because I'm tired and I feel slightly feverish.
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I arrive at the church, and it's very churchy- all gray stone and stained glass windows. My brother and his wife were married in this church in 2005; I didn't like it then and I don't like it now. This made my mood even darker as I stepped inside and went into the pastor's office.

My brother had told me earlier not to mention to the pastor that I'm an atheist, or he would try to convert me for at least two hours. The man was only a few years older than me; his office was filled with books, a playstation, and Marines memorabilia. Apparently, he had been a sniper or sharpshooter or some thing. I sat down in to a surprisingly comfortable leather loveseat just inside the door, and quietly listened while he and my brother discussed what needed to be discussed. I looked around the room, and noticed one brightly-colored book with the title "The Gay Agenda: What You Must Know!" (It may have been this one). Apparently being an atheist is not the only issue the man would have had with me. Still, I was a guest, so I remained silent, and polite.
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I'd rather not go through that again.

I also put up our tree:

Tree 2012

And there you have it. November in a nutshell.
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My father dies. I get into gear to get everything ready to leave, because I don't know yet when I need to be back east. I go to the newspaper office and start doing all the work I need to get done. I call my boss and ask her to stop in. My brother sends me a text to let me know the funeral is Thursday; I get plane tickets for Tuesday; Andy gets things arranged at the hotel so my shifts are covered and he is able to take me to the airport. My boss shows up and I tell her what is going on. I grudgingly accept a small hug from her. I practically beg her not to tell anyone what is going on until after I am gone; I don't want fawned over, nor do I want meaningless platitudes.

Random photo of the sunset in Lander, Wyoming. 11/5/12.

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We made small talk for awhile. My brother and I communicate better now than we ever have in our lives, but that does not mean we communicate well. Each time we meet again, we stumble through conversations, exploring boundaries and how willing each of us is to talk about what subjects. Even though we grew up together for 18 years, it's like we have to renew our relationship whenever we meet, to see what person we've each become in the time that has passed since we last saw each other.

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Later, my brother and I headed to his church, and I think this is where I will end for the night. More tomorrow.
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Back at the end of October, I had scheduled this weekend off from the hotel, so Rob (roommate #3) could get some hours in there (he's bottom of the food chain, and in the winter, gets little work.)

After my father's death, I decided to keep this weekend off anyway, and I'm glad I did.

So, no real update this weekend. Next weekend, while I'm working, I'll try and get caught up on essentially the entire month.
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Just like it always does, the time change has done a number on my brain. Ambition is hard to find right now. I just feel lethargic.


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