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Well that wrapped up quickly.

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Final verdict? This would have been a great 4-5 parter. I would have much rather seen the ten episodes done as two separate story arcs. As it was, it was just too loose with too much filler to really enjoy (although I did enjoy it- I'm just sad for the unrealized possibilities). I'm not sure it was enough to win over anyone who wasn't already fan of Torchwood, although Andy liked it enough to want to see a new series, as well as wanting to go back and watch the first two seasons (He started with season 3.)

And yes, I'd like to see another season as well.


Sep. 3rd, 2011 06:44 am
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I love torchwood. I love Captain Jack; I love Gwen, and man oh man do I love Rhys.

But Miracle Day? I can't help but feel the ball was dropped. At the end of episode 9 last night, I realized that the story would make just as much sense if episodes 2-8 were skipped.

Miracle Day was promoed as an action-adventure drama. And the first episode delivered. And then ....

I'm not saying that episodes 2-8 were filler, or that they were horrible, or anything like that. Episode 7 was very good and disturbing. BUt what there's been so far could have very easily been edited down to a tight 4-5 episode story. The other 5-6 episodes could have been standalone episodes, or a new, separate story.

Miracle Day has been a weekly slog through 40 minutes of humdrum for 10 minutes of awesome. Which disappoints me because so much could have been done. Miracle Day (supposedly) had a much larger budget than Children of Earth- so why did CoE look so much better?

ok drugs kicked in have to go noss


Aug. 19th, 2011 11:49 pm
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What I learned from tonight's episode:

Sex- I'm doing it wrong.

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Congratulations to Kai Owen and his fiance Sarah! According to Kai’s yahoo group, the couple are expecting a baby this coming October. Kai is obviously thrilled and said he’s "over the moon and looking forward to being a Daddy!!!"

At least he was kind enough to share his lovely posterior on camera for all to enjoy.

Maybe I'll just move him a little lower on the list then. I mean, I still have John Goodman on there, and he's got a daughter.


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