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O. M. G. Everything you may have heard about this film is probably true. It's simply amazing. The film is gorgeously shot, the acting is incredible, and Dieter Laser is one of the creepiest bad guys ever, and is simply brilliant in his role. Much of the horror and violence happens off screen, and the movie is stronger for it. Highly disturbing in a delicious way.


ETA: There's a game.

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Two straight guys decide to do something groundbreaking and new for the local annual amateur porn film festival- have sex with each other on camera. A little research by either of them would have let them know this has been a mainstay of gay porn sites for about 15 years. So much for groundbreaking. The movie is interesting from a psychological point of view, but is dull dull dull and slow. The only bright point is Alycia Delmore as the wife of one of the characters, but she gets far too little camera time. Skip it; you can already guess the ending.

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It was certainly pretty. The story aggressively and blatantly pushed all the right emotional buttons, while sticking to an easily recognized formula which unfortunately lessened the sense of drama, especially with most plot points highly telegraphed. Some of the science was interesting, but all the animal life on the planet having six limbs EXCEPT for the humanoids, which had four limbs, really bothered me.

Nothing groundbreaking here.
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Overwrought and intensely boring.

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Tried to watch Chuck & Buck last night. It's one one of those movies that so many people have told me I 'must see.' The movie creeped me out so much that when the DVD crapped out half way through, I didn't even care.
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I just finished watching Zardoz.

I can't yet decide if it is the worst movie I've ever seen, or the most amazing.


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