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It's Sunday morning, 1 a.m. I'm working the hotel and I have drunk wedding guests that I've had just about enough of; the next time I have to talk to them it will be with a local sheriff at my side.



Jinx surveys his domain.

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Crap, it's late, and i have work to do. Gonna wrap this up for now.
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I've finally dragged myself away from rage comics and Star Trek reviews and made it to LJ. So, where to start?

The paper office was closed today, although my "day off" was, once again, not much of one because I still have my Friday night shift at the hotel. I spent my waking hours working on Bonnie & Clyde photos, played a smidgen of Skyrim, sorted some Doctor Who videos I've been meaning to watch, and now here I am at the hotel. To catch up ...

Remember the deal with the medical clinic and the Check That Has Never Been Cashed? Yeah, still hasn't. This is really pissing me off. If I didn't need the clinic for getting my meds filled, I think I'd be done with them right now. As it is, I think the next time I have a medical issue, I'm going somewhere else, and I'll just have them take over my general care. Depends on how it goes Monday when I go back to the clinic for another talk.

On Christmas Day, I asked Andy what he would like for our Holiday Feast. I gave him two options- baked ham and pie, or a bucket of hot dogs. He choose the hotdogs. I also made a graham cracker cake.

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So. While it's now technically New Year's Eve, I think I'm going to wait until my next shift to write up a recap of 2011 and what I hope to get out of 2012.

As for the title of this entry, when I woke up at 6 pm, it was 34F outside; it's now 40F after hitting a high of 50F around midnight ... the snow and ice are melting furiously outside!

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One of the nice things about the holiday season is that I don't feel as guilty about spending money on myself; I just chalk it up to holiday presents, for me.

This year, I've been chalking it up a bit more than past years, I think.

So far, my presents to myself have been:

The Beach Boys, Pet Sounds 40th Anniversary CD+DVD
(I grew up listening to the Beach Boys, and recently have been reading up on them on Wikipedia, after [livejournal.com profile] jblum's posts rekindled my interest. This album, however, is one I never had growing up! My mother had the first 3 or 4 albums, and a live album, and later the ubiquitous Endless Summer album. This just arrived today, and I'm looking forward to listening to the 5:1 surround mix!)

Doctor Who - TV Show Poster (Van Gogh's Exploding Tardis) (Size: 36 x 24)
Doctor Who Dalek To Victory TV Poster Print
(These two prints are absurdly cheap right now! I haven't opened them yet, because I don't have frames ready for them. The frames will probably cost more than the prints, lol. But I like them.)

Elisabeth Sladen: The Autobiography [Hardcover]
(How could I resist? It hasn't been released yet, so I haven't received it.)

Doctor Who Encyclopedia (New Edition) [Hardcover]
(An impulse buy that I doubt I'll regret. Just arrived today!)

Doctor Who: The Forgotten [Paperback]
(Another impulse buy. This came a few months ago and is in my stack of things to read.)

Two dress shirts from a company that apparently is no longer in business. This does not surprise me because the shirts, while nice looking, are ill-fitting and the color bleeds terribly in the wash. I know it's hard to find shirts that fit me (22 inch neck, 56 inch chest, stupid ape-like arms) but two shirts that are identical in every way should NOT fit me completely differently! On one, the sleeves are 2 inches too short; on the other, about four inches to short- I have to wear them with the sleeves rolled up. I have only ever found one type of shirt that fits me nigh-perfectly, although they tend to be a little tent-like. They're expensive ($50 each) but considering the use I get out of them, I should just buy them exclusively in the future.

Diablo III: Book of Cain [Hardcover]
(Oh Diablo 3, when will you arrive?! Until then, this will have to hold me ... except it's not out yet either! But soon, in a week or so.)

I've also been working to expand my collection of Kate Orman's work (She has a list here, if you'd like to check it out yourself.) So, I picked up:

Interzone: Science Fiction and Fantasy #146 (August 1999)
(Just got this yesterday!)

Dr Who 3 Short Trips Vol 3 CD (Dr Who Big Finish)
(I'm not even sure what is on here of hers, but she is listed as an author, so I'll find out when it gets here.)

Bernice Summerfield: Nobody's Children [Hardcover]
(I thought I already had this one, but I can't remember the story, so I think it was just lodged in my brain on a wishlist. This hasn't arrived yet either.)

Two t-shirts from LOLmart: The 11 Doctors as cats, and CatMan.

It hasn't all been for me; I've shopped for others, too. I got some nice presents for Andy (Bruce Campbell's two books, and a nice big bathrobe, as well as Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe on BluRay, which I hope to actually get someday as the seller sent me the wrong item and hasn't replied in two weeks.) Andy's birthday is on December 12 (He turns 30 this year, and boy, do I have one hell of a surprise in store for him!!!) I opened an Amazon inquiry on the BluRay, but it won't be resolved until December 13th. I was going to let him pick two presents for his birthday, and two for Christmas ... luckily, I have a backup present on order, too.

I also signed up for reddit.com's Secret Santa gift exchange, and was matched with a young man who made some mistakes and is now in prison for a small period of time. I got him The Crow, The Holographic Universe, and The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry, which I'm currently reading and enjoying immensly (I went into it expecting a Dan Brown vomit-inducer, or worse, a Clive Cussler pukefest*, but it's actually really good!)

Oh, amazon.com charge account, you'll be my ruin!

*In college, I actually read and enjoyed a lot of Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt novels as mindless fun ... until I read Iceberg, which had such blatantly homophobia and gay-bashing that I lost all respect for the author and his works.)
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The past week was probably the busiest one I've ever experienced at the newspaper. On top of the three weekly publications we normally put, there was also a 24 page special supplement to be built and finished, ads built for another 24 page special suplement, a special advertisement thank you page for contractors of the new college classroom expansion to be made, and a special 2-page 9/11 memorial to put together.

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Now, I'm going to give my new column a read through, and then head to bed with a stack of comics and a sleepy doggy. I look forward to tomorrow, because the damned thumb stitches get to come out.
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So how do I go about working my way through this mess in my head, or life, or whatever it is/ Some of you reading this (Murph, Ember, Kate) know about my history of mental illness in various shapes, forms, sizes and flavors over the past decades. And while I felt like I'd finally won those battles ... now, I'm in the sequel, and I'm fighting a new threat unlike what I've fought before. I don't even feel like I'm describing correctly exactly what I feel like I'm facing.

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Ok, this was huge, and a massive step for me. Thank you to everyone (anyone) who reads this, and to everyone (anyone) who's stood with me in the past. And check out C418, I am totally in love with them right now.
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Ok, LJ, let's give this a shot.

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Ok, that's enough for tonight. Tomorrow night, maybe I can formulate my plan of attack to get back on track.
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A few of my favorites:

You are pro-facebook because 95% of the myspace accounts burn your retinas

Your hand is permanently stuck in the shape of a mouse

You tell stories of exacto-knife inflicted wounds with grizzled sort of pride

You practically take caffeine intravenously

You have an appreciation for everything unique

You’ve been spending three days non-stop on a project and it still looks like shit. You find yourself overcome by Deathlust.

You know you’re a Graphic Designer when… you look at the clock and see it’s about midnight and think ‘I’ll go to bed now’… and you actually go to bed about 2-3am

You know you’re a Graphic Designer when… you need someone else to point out that you’re sitting in a room in front of the computer with all the lights off, and haven’t noticed

When you know what “kerning” is and you really, really like it.

Seeing someone use Lens Flare or Comic Sans adversely affects your blood-pressure

You’re up ’til 5am because you came up with the best idea ever while brushing your teeth.

Activating your entire font collection makes your computer crash

Apple+Z is the first thing that goes through your mind if you drop and break something.

When you know the difference between fuchsia, magenta, and maroon.

If you could go back in time you wouldn’t go back to see the rise and fall of civilizations, you’d go back in time to destroy comic sans and papyrus. (Oh YES YES YES!!!)

You go to another designers’ studio and leave dejected because of serious gear or software envy.

When working remotely at a WiFi cafe, you secretly compare your laptop with everyone else’s and then feel inordinantly proud to have the sweetest gear in the house.

Taken from here. More here.


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