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It started snowing Friday. It finally stopped today. There's between 1-2 feet on the ground in places.

The storm was almost completely windless. Most of the trees still have all their leaves as well. Those things combined to cause massive snow and ice build-up on trees, resulting in many downed trees and branches.

Here's what I saw when I got home this morning:
Too much snow! )

Ike decided he had been cooped up enough, and it was playtime, bad joints be damned!
But the pets seem to be enjoying themselves. )

He seems to actually like the snow! Silly cat. I spent 30 minutes shoveling, shaking snow off of branches (and all over me, of course) and trimming back branches as well. At least now we can get out without crawling. There's going to be a lot of clean up as the snow melts throughout the week, and my emergency quick-and-dirty weatherization of the house really needs to be properly finished.  By Friday, this snow should all be gone.

Just in time for the next storm to probably come along.

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Finally, back home. The visit was nice, but the trip there and back again was hellish. I put over 1000 miles on my vehicle going ot Denver and back- that's more than 400 more miles than should have been necessary.

And Kitty is still sick! Back to the vet today for more enemas and laxatives... while Andy and I were out buying a carpet shampooer (Kitty vomited milk onto the carpet, amongst other things lately) she called to tell us that the toy surprise this time was... more feathers!

He ate that bird over two weeks ago!

Happy New Year


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