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Once more, I present to you my favorite holiday story- the story of How Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas.

Suit 2009

Dec. 24th, 2009 09:06 am
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It's black velvet.
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I don't celebrate Christmas; I'm not Christian. I don't celebrate Hannukah or Qwanza or the Solstice for the same reason. I'm an atheist, and do not celebrate holidays for religious reasons.

To some people, this makes me lacking. But it doesn't mean I can't celebrate holidays, especially at this time of year. I can celebrate the spirit of giving, and the feeling of brotherhood that comes with the season. Cards from friends make me smile whether there is a Christmas Star or a snowman on the front. I can see and appreciate the beauty in a nativity scene just as I do in a menorah or a Christmas parade. I like lights in trees and carols on the radio and the thought of people dancing in the moonlight in the woods on Midwinter.

So if anyone has ever wondered how an atheist can feel the holiday spirit- celebrate your way, and I'll celebrate mine- by feeling them all.

Happy Holidays!
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You bake him the cake from Portal, of course!

It is so rich and sweet that we both only managed about half a slice before feeling like puking, lol.
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I put up our tree over the weekend! I even decorated it this year!

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The cats wouldn't pose.


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