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I got my copies of Grim Furry Tales in the mail yesterday, and it's a really nice book. I certainly feel like the odd man out, however, when comparing my paltry submissions to the much higher-caliber work of the other artists. It certainly gives me the incentive to work hard on the next assignment!
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It's only a few pages, and doesn't show any of the work I did, but check it out:

Grim Furry Tales Preview

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The last Avatars shrouded in bodies of cloth, aided by the last of the bloodlines and the power of imagination, stand fast against the corrupting tides of the Unrest.

Grim Furry Tales: Seeds is a primer to the GFT Universe, where the Avatars of the Unwaking Lands find themselves in the care of Laurel Matthews. This 11-year-old girl with a powerful imagination shoulders an immense responsibility. It is her job to protect the guardians of our dreams and imaginations who are sealed within the bodies of stuffed animals shaped by the thoughts of those that protect them.
Within this book are collected 17 short stories and accompanying journal entries written by Martin Brandt II and illustrations by Various Artists around the world.

Cover by Paul Petyo

Scheduled Appearances:
Megacon Orlando, Fl   Feb 27th – March 1st
Independent Publishers, Blue, Table #17
(Book will be cheaper at the con since people will not have to pay for shipping.)

Pre-order the book here.
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Way back in August, [livejournal.com profile] mattdocmartin  put out a call for artists for a project he and a friend were doing. They were kind enough to work with me when I explained my limitations, what with the surgeries I had coming up at the time.

The resulting book is now available for pre-order!

I'm really excited to have been a part of this book, and I'm proud of the work I did for it, especially since I did it over the course of time involving surgery to both my hands. Makes drawing a little awkward, but I did ok, I think.


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