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During my snooze before work, I had two Doctor Who dreams. The second one, I only vaguely remember- essentially, all the Doctors got together, including #12, and me, and another man who claimed to be Doctor #13 ... but as all the other Doctors conferred, #13 got meaner and nastier until finally everyone realized he was the Valeyard incarnation and I was actually Doctor #13.

The first dream was short, but very atmospheric and intense. Four pillars in a night-time sky are connected by Gothic arches; as lightning crashes and a storm approaches, I walk over one arch while Rory walks opposite me; we're in a race to reach Amy first. Rory is wearing his black uniform and eye patch; I am wearing a hooded cloak that hides my face, so neither of them realize that I am actually The Doctor, as seen at the end of the last story. Rory lags behind and I reach Amy at the top of an arch. I hold her shoulders in my hands and look into her eyes, ignoring her confusion and say, "I'm so sorry. Please forgive me." Rory starts to scream as the heavens fall.
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Had a dream I was at [livejournal.com profile] dreamer_easy 's house. The second floor was large, and was her tumblr blog come to life. We were researching how to make a continent. The only thing I had on my list was "baking soda and vinegar."


Jan. 7th, 2010 07:25 am
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I dreamt last night that I ordered "So Vile a Sin" from eBay. What I got was Servile Asin, an android housekeeper that was so touchy about being mechanical that if mentioned, he would literally get rough around the edges and refused to help me with the kitchen.

I also dreamed that I was invited to a swanky party where everyone was given cash, a present and cake. Except me. And then the party was attacked by a grizzly bear.


Dec. 29th, 2009 06:21 am
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Last night, I dreamt I went to visit Tony at a far-off university. While there, I decided to enroll myself. I kept running into other students who had gone to high school with me years ago. The only analogy I can gather is that I was dreaming about Facebook.

I also had a dream about apes, but remember nothing more about it.


Dec. 26th, 2009 04:22 pm
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Last night, I had a multiple Doctor dream. Mostly it was centered around Doctor #5, but 24 and #8 made appearances. A being known as the "Golden One" was going to inspect the earth, if humanity didn't pass, earth would be detroyed. 5 Doc's TARDIS had been filled with plaste and turned into a planter, so working with Sarah Jane I had to build a shell of a new one to transfer the old TARDIS into. The Golden One showed up before we were ready, but had brought an apprentice to do the inspection instead, which led to an argument over whether that was allowable or not in deciding Earth's fate.

A few nights ago, I had another Doctor Who dream, the only bits of which I remember was that we were trying to break into Kate Orman's imagination so she could save us all.

I've been having lovely weird cinematic dreams lately.
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Last night I dreamt that I was running trace routes of Whom-pahs on Rubi-ka.


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