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I'm sharing this everywhere, because this video is amazing:

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At their MySpace page, Alphaville has been running a remix contest this month. It ended yesterday. There's approx. 100 entries. Here are my five favorites:

1-B.A.M. Remix. This one kicks me in the chest. I hope it wins. I was wiping my eyes by the time I was done listening to it.

2-Ramian Remix. Incredible guitar work on this one.

3- Subculture Remix. This one plays around with the pitch and inflections on the vocal track, creating nearly a new song.

4-ONE Casper Remix. An early remix, and the best of the "dance" versions.

5-SebShow Six String Hard Mix. More nice guitars.

And two runner-ups. Because it's hard to choose.

Deakin Harrow Remix

Synthlabor Remix

There were so many excellent remixes (and some incredibly bad ones!) that it was hard to choose. These just turned out to be my favorites. Except for #1, which I think captures both the intent of the lyrics, and the feel of the song, and makes something new and amazing.
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Having some uploading trouble. YouTube keeps chopping off the last 30 seconds of the video, and FaceBook uploads the first third before stopping. AND my domains haven't transferred yet. Grrr.
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is awesome.

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This one takes an old televison show I'm not familiar with, The Professionals, and makes it hysterically homoerotic.

Song news

Aug. 28th, 2010 02:46 am
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Remixes and fan videos are starting to show up for "I'll die for you today."

It just blows me away that people are doing this.


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